Nathan G. Alexander

Hi! I'm a writer and historian from Canada and the co-host of the Beyond Atheism Podcast. I research the history of race and racism, and the history of atheism and secularization. I'm the author of Race in a Godless World: Atheism, Race, and Civilization, 1850-1914 (NYU Press and Manchester University Press, 2019).

I am a freelance editor and am currently looking for new clients. For more about my editing services, see here.

I did my PhD at the University of St Andrews (UK) and was most recently a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, University of Erfurt (Germany).

I'm currently working on a new book about the history of the word "racism." For early looks at this project, see this talk I gave at the University of St Andrews or my article, "When Racists Called Themselves 'Racists'."

I'm also writing a historical fantasy novel, which is tentatively called "Royal Beasts and the Revolution."

Follow me on Twitter: @NathGAlexander

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