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Interviews and Talks

Graceful Atheist Podcast (with Todd Tavares)

November 2022

Monday Morning Dullard Podcast

February 2022

Nonreligion in a Complex Future, Meet the Author Webinar Series

University of Ottawa, Canada

October 2021

Embrace the Void Podcast

July 2021


Confronting History Interview Series

George L. Mosse Program in History, University of Wisconsin-Madison

April 2021

Interview with Bradley Onishi

December 2020

New Books Network Podcast

June 2020

American Freethought Podcast

May 2020

Straight White American Jesus Podcast

March 2020

Free Thought Prophet Podcast

February 2020

Life After God Podcast

​​February 2020

Pondering Primates Podcast

February 2020

Interview with Anton Jansson (International Society for Historians of Atheism, Secularism, and Humanism) (text)

June 2019

“The Meanings of ‘Racism’: Toward a History of the Concept”

Presented at the Institute for Intellectual History seminar

University of St Andrews, United Kingdom

February 2019

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