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Race in a Godless World: Atheism, Race, and Civilization, 1850-1914 (Manchester University Press and New York University Press, 2019).

Academic Journal Articles

“Defining and Redefining Atheism: Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries for ‘Atheism’ and Their Critics from the Early Modern Period to the Present,” Intellectual History Review (published online, 4 September 2019). 


“Rethinking the Histories of Atheism, Unbelief, and Nonreligion: An Interdisciplinary Perspective,” Interdisciplinarity and Methodological Pluralism: The Practice of Intellectual History and Conceptual History, a special issue of Global Intellectual History (published online, 19 August 2019).


“Unclasping the Eagle’s Talons: Mark Twain, American Freethought, and the Responses to Imperialism,” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, Vol. 17, No. 3, (2018): pp. 524-545.


“Atheism and Polygenesis in the Nineteenth Century: Charles Bradlaugh’s Racial Anthropology,” Modern Intellectual History, (published online, 9 January 2018).


“E.D. Morel (1873-1924), the Congo Reform Association, and the History of Human Rights,” Britain and the World, Vol. 9, No. 2, (September 2016): pp. 213-235.


Email me at nathan.g.alexander50[at]gmail.com if you would like a PDF for any of these articles.

Other Articles

“A History of the Word ‘Atheism’ and the Politics of Dictionaries,” Nonreligion and Secularity Research Network Blog (January 2020).


“Moncure Conway, Freethought, and Race in the Nineteenth Century,” Ethical Record (Winter 2019): 10-12.


“Race in a Godless World: Atheism, Race, and Civilization, 1850-1914 – An Introduction,” Nonreligion and Secularity Research Network Blog (August 2019).


“Atheism, Race, and the Freethinker at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century,” The Freethinker (July 2019). https://www.patheos.com/blogs/thefreethinker/2019/07/atheism-race-and-the-freethinker-at-the-turn-of-the- 19th-century/

“Towards a History of the Term ‘Racism’,” Monitor: Global Intelligence on Racism (May 2019). http://monitoracism.eu/towards-a-history-of-the-term-racism/  

“An Atheist With a Tall Hat On: The Forgotten History of Agnosticism,” The Humanist (February 2019).


* French translation by Michel Virard, “L’histoire oubliée de l’agnosticisme : un agnostique est-il un athée avec un chapeau haut-de-forme ?,” Le Québec Humaniste, vol 14, no 2 (2019): 1-3. https://assohum.org/Media/QH/QHVol14nu2.pdf

* Revised version reprinted in The Truth Seeker (January-April 2020): 25-27. http://thetruthseeker.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/TS-Jan-April2020-PW-web.pdf (password: SHAKER)

“Mark Twain, Freethought, and Anti-Imperialism,” The Truth Seeker (September-December 2018): 8-15.

http://thetruthseeker.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/TS-Sep-Dec018-webPW.pdf (password: irreverent)

“Freethinkers and the Fight Against Racism,” The Truth Seeker (January-April 2018): 30-36.


“Exploring the Deep Roots of Scottish Secularism,” CommonSpace (March 2016).


“The Terms of Unbelief: An Atheist By Any Other Name,” The GC Advocate, CUNY Graduate Centre newspaper (February 2015).


“Atheist Churches Aren’t New,” Nonreligion and Secularity Research Network Blog (May 2014).


Podcast Interviews

Free Thought Prophet Podcast (14 February 2020)

Life After God Podcast (9 February 2020)

Pondering Primates Podcast (5 February 2020)

Print Interviews 

Interviewed in the Truth Seeker (September-December 2019): 24-6, 44-7.

http://thetruthseeker.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/TS-Sept-Dec2019-web-lr.pdf (password: Peace)

Race in a Godless World – Q&A with Nathan Alexander (September 2019).


Interviewed by Anton Jansson, International Society for Historians of Atheism, Secularism, and Humanism website (June 2019)


Book Reviews

Review of Paul Harvey, Christianity and Race in the American South: A History (Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2016), Global Intellectual History, Vol. 4, No. 1 (2019): 90-92.


“Atheism: Whence and Whither?” (Review Essay), History of European Ideas, Vol. 43, No. 6 (2017): pp. 691-697.

(Review of Stephen LeDrew, The Evolution of Atheism: The Politics of a Modern Movement (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016); Nick Spencer, Atheists: The Origin of the Species (London: Bloomsbury, 2014); and Mitchell Stephens, Imagine There’s No Heaven: How Atheism Helped Create the Modern World (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).)


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